Co-op Power is a consumer-owned cooperative with a regional network of autonomous Local Organizing Councils working together to create “a multi-class, multi-racial movement for a sustainable and just energy future.” Members get discounts on products and services and invest in local businesses decided on and developed by the Local Organizing Councils with help from local engineers, financial experts, green building specialists, community economic developers, lawyers and business planners. The businesses so far include Energia (a multi-family/commercial/residential energy efficiency business); Northeast Biodiesel (a 3.5 million gallon/year recycled vegetable oil biodiesel processing plant), five solar installation businesses, two green electrician businesses and a window restoration/thermal window insert fabrication business. The 450 members have invested more than $320,000 in member equity. Coop Power also has raised $840,000 in member loans and over $850,000 in local investment to support the development of community-scale clean energy projects and to build the organization.