The My Generation Campaign is a multi-racial, multi-class effort championed by the local Los Angeles Sierra Club Chapter to catalyze community-wide action against climate change through the adoption of energy efficient and renewable energy practices and polices that allows for community participation and ownership of local clean energy production.  The campaign focuses on near-term priorities such as expanding “sun shares”, which allows renters (predominately low-income and people of color) to participate in solar energy production as community-owners and pushing policy change to allow for solar credits and cash back incentives to support solar production.  As a result of the My Generation Campaign, community institutions are installing solar and creating quality jobs for local residents.  For example, Oxnard High School installed a 6 acre solar array producing over 6 million kwh per year – saving the tax payers over $36 million in energy costs over a 25 year period. And the LA Department of Water and Power worked with IBEW and the Sierra Club to train and hire local residents to work on weatherization and efficiency upgrades throughout the city.