Greensburg Sustainable Community. After a devastating tornado destroyed and damaged over 95% of Greensburg Kansas’ infrastructure, residents responded to the storm by rebuilding the city as a model sustainable community. Greensburg Greenstown, a nonprofit, emerged to help organize community members and support the development of renewable energy projects and energy efficiency programs. The community leveraged federal and state dollars (including FEMA recovery funds and energy grants from NREL, USDA, DoE and EPA) to raise private capital to invest in Greensburg community.

Recognizing the importance of community participation, the town adopted measures to benefit the town’s residents and achieve a sustainable community.  These measures included:

  • A requirement that all government buildings over 4,000 square feet be built to LEED platinum standards, saving energy use and lowering the demand on tax payers;
  • Net-metering policy supporting local residential ownership of wind and solar projects;
  • Development of a 12.5 MW wind projects that provides 100%  renewable energy credits to the Greensburg community.