Profile – Namaste Solar: A Profile in Cooperative Ownership
By Jarrid Green: In this profile, we explore the model of Namasté Solar, an employee-owned cooperative based in Boulder, Colorado, that has installed over 3,100 solar electric systems in the United States. This profile is a tool for communities, particularly communities of color, to think about how a cooperative-based model could positively  transform their neighborhoods.

Policy Brief – Prioritizing Equity in our Clean Energy Future

By Anthony Giancatarino and Jessica Azulay: Through two initiatives called the “Reforming the Energy Vision” (REV) and the “Clean Energy Fund”(CEF), New York is reshaping how we produce, consume and pay for the energy that heats our homes, powers our businesses, and builds our economy. This policy brief lays the case for New York to cente equity, specifically racial equity, in the planning and decision-making around New York State’s clean energy economy.

Policy Concept Paper – Energy Investment Districts (EIDs)

By Anthony Giancatarino: Energy Investment Districts (EID) is CSI’s policy concept paper on how communities, particularly communities of color can develop local renewable energy generation and energy efficiency programs that are accountable to the community and produce healthier neighborhoods, reduce energy costs, create good jobs, build the local economy, and combat climate change.

[Resources] Community-Scale Energy7/31/13
Report – Community-Scale Energy: Models, Strategy and Racial Equity

By Anthony Giancatarino: Community-Scale Energy: Models, Strategy and Racial Equity is a scan of community-scale renewable energy projects happening across the country.  Energy Democracy for All is based on this report
[Resources] Energy Democracy - Community-Led Solutions10/18/13
Case Studies – Energy Democracy – Community-Led Solutions
By Anthony Giancatarino: Energy Democracy – Community-Led Solutions is a compilation of three case studies highlighting the work of communities of color developing community-scale renewable energy projects to improve their neighborhoods.  The case studies identify obstacles that these projects encountered and recommend policies that would help bring all of our communities into the renewable energy economy.
[Resources] Energy Democracy - Supporting Community Innovation12/22/12
Report – Energy Democracy – Supporting Community Innovation
By Anthony Giancatarino: Energy Democracy – Supporting Community Innovation tracks how communities are organizing for community-scale renewable energy projects.  The report outlines the policy barriers preventing these projects from happening and provides policy guidelines to support these innovative projects.
[Resources] Energy Democracy - Community-Scale Green Energy Solutions5/22/10
Report – Energy Democracy – Community-Scale Green Energy Solutions Energy Democracy: Community-Scale Green Energy Solutions provides a blueprint for policy makers, business and community leaders, environmental justice advocates, and green entrepreneurs to explore a better way to secure our energy needs while building equity and wealth community by community.

Other CSI Resources:

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Technical Assistance for Community-Scale Renewable Energy Projects:

  1. Community Power Network
  2. Institute for Local and Self Reliance
  3. NAACP Climate Justice Initiative