Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), authorized by the California legislature in 2002, gives cities and counties a mechanism to move away from dirty energy, provide savings for residents and support local economic development. A CCA can negotiate a price for electricity from current renewable sources or develop new renewable generating capacity in the community. The existing utility company for the area continues to handle transmission, distribution, billing and other administrative matters. Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) is the second community choice program implemented in California. Community and environmental leaders built a broad coalition of support among businesses and residents to push for legislation granting the county authority to manage its own energy supply and sources. Currently, SCP is negotiating with an energy provider to provide the county with renewable energy and at lower electricity rates than current opportunities form PG&E. Once an agreement is in place, the SCP will sign on businesses and residents to participate in the community choice energy program. SCP is set to be in full operation by January of 2014. Additionally, the monetary savings from the CCA will be reinvested into locally generated and owned renewable energy projects within the county. To support this effort, the county is currently revamping its rezoning policies to support the development of renewable technologies on businesses and agricultural land.