Founded by a neighborhood food-coop in 1979 to use its members’ purchasing power to negotiate discounts on home heating oil, the Energy Co-op has expanded to five counties and added electricity to the energy services it provides. Because Pennsylvania has de-regulated electricity, consumers can choose among providers and Energy Co-op offers the option of buying 100% from local renewable sources (99% from wind farms and 1% from rooftop solar) or 25% from renewables. The Co-op also developed the BlackGold Biofuel business which turns restaurant and kitchen grease into biodiesel fuel for cars and trucks. The Coop spun off the production of biodiesel but continues as a distributor to large fleets, including numerous nearby school districts. With 7,500+ members, the Energy Co-op “seeks to influence the regional energy market towards more environmentally and economically responsible products, support our communities through a stronger economy and make our region more sustainable.”